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New Journals in 2023

Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) Academia Biology

2837-4010 ( Online )

1 20
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) ACS Applied Engineering Materials

2771-9545 ( Online ) 
American Chemical Society (ACS)

7 162
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) ACS Applied Optical Materials

2771-9855 ( Online ) 
American Chemical Society (ACS)

7 137
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) Advances in Rehabilitation Science and Practice

2753-6351 ( Online ) 
SAGE Publications

1 5
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) Aerospace Research Communications

2813-6209 ( Online ) 
Frontiers MediaZhejiang University Press (ZUP)

1 1
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) Agriculture Communications

2949-7981 ( Online ) 

1 1
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) All Life Methods

2833-0501 ( Online ) 
Taylor and Francis Group

1 1
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) Anesthesia Research

2813-5806 ( Online ) 

1 1
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) Anesthesiology and Perioperative Science

2731-8389 ( Online ) 

2 9
Active ( 2023  -  9999 ) APL Energy

2770-9000 ( Online ) 
AIP Publishing

1 2
Updated Daily. Last Update:6/1/2023 7:10:26 AM MST

New Journals in 2022

Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Academic Journal of Naval Medical University

N / A


0 0
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Academy of Management Collections

N / A
Academy of Management

1 1
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Addiction and Substance Abuse

2833-1036 ( Online ) 
ProBiologists LLC

2 7
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Addiction Neuroscience

2772-3925 ( Online ) 

9 98
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Advanced Agrochem

2773-2371 ( Online ) 

4 34
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Advanced Neurology

2810-9619 ( Online ) 
AccScience Publishing

5 37
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Advanced Physics Research

2751-1200 ( Online ) 

8 91
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Advanced Powder Materials

2772-834X ( Online ) 

8 75
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Advanced Sensor and Energy Materials

2773-045X ( Online ) 
ElsevierChinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry

6 29
Active ( 2022  -  9999 ) Advanced Sensor Research

2751-1219 ( Online ) 

8 108

As the adage goes, "sunlight is the best disinfectant".

PSIthority's platform is designed to raise reader awareness in the sciences. In addition, we hope to assist in raising community awareness of research misconduct and fraud. Being able to shine a bright (and permanent) light on those that partake in such affairs will (hopefully) in time, reduce such activities and ultimately reduce precious time and money wasted by others mislead into chasing such rubbish down the scientific rabbit hole.

Below is a list of PSI-recommended sites contributing to improving Scientific Research Integrity (in no particular order):

Have a recommendation for this list to share with the community? Please let us know!


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PubPeer Comment

Hoya Camphorifolia

2023 - VOLUME 2023, ISSUE 6
  External CQC
0 0
PubPeer Comment

Hoya Camphorifolia

2023 - VOLUME 2023, ISSUE 6
  External CQC
0 0
PubPeer Comment

Hoya Camphorifolia

2023 - VOLUME 2023, ISSUE 6
  External CQC
0 0
PubPeer Comment

Hoya Camphorifolia

2023 - VOLUME 2023, ISSUE 6
  External CQC
0 0

Retraction and Expression of Concern Summary Tab Update

PSI Development Team | Dec 15, 2021

The Retraction Repository Data Summary is currently offline (but is being updated daily behind the scenes). It is undergoing some backend changes (improving response times) as well as we are in the process of bringing the CrossRef and MEDLINE (Pubmed) 2022 datasets online. We estimate that this section will be back online in January 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience but 2022 is bringing some big updates for your data mining pleasure!

Annual Baseline dataset for Pubmed metadata released

PSI Development Team | Dec 13, 2021

The National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE (Pubmed) Annual Baseline dataset has been released. PSI synchronization engaged! From our experience over the last 10 years this will take about 1-2 weeks to fully synchronize, integrate and index PSIthority to this dataset. The changes are usually quite minimal since we already synchronize daily to these datasets but we never rule out a few pleasant surprises!

Daily Updates for publications paused Sept 9-12, 2021

PSI Development Team | Sept 6, 2021

Daily updates for new publications, updates to existing publications, citations, etc. are going to be paused from Thursday Sept 9 to Sunday Sept 12, 2021 as the latest software release is being implemented for public availability. We apologize for the inconvenience but want to ensure platform stability from these new enhancements!

UI tweeks, minor bug fixes, etc.

PSI Development Team | August 2, 2021

We are still sluggin' away on the backend enhancements but have added/fixed a few pieces on the front end in the meantime.

Periodicals in search results, publisher's lists, or any other list for that matter will report (via icons) some pertinent information regarding a listed periodical:

  • Whether PSIthority has an Aim and Scope indexed.
  • Whether PSIthority has an active/broken/missing hyperlink to the original periodical.
  • Number of Issues currently indexed by PSIthority for a given periodical.
  • Number of Publications currently indexed by PSIthority for a given periodical.

The idea here is to:

  • help save you time (i.e. if we only have a periodical's title and respective ISSNs and no publications indexed, we don't want to waste your time requiring you to click on the periodical only to find out there is nothing else indexed for it.
  • create an opportunity for crowdsourcing and enabling the community to improve upon these records (update/report/fix broken hyperlinks, update/add Aim and Scope, etc.)

Much of the metadata in the scholarly publishing environment changes over time (hyperlinks change/break, journals disappear/become inactive/change publishers, Aim and Scopes change or are updated, etc.). The decentralized nature of the scholarly publishing environment makes it very difficult for the community to be aware of such changes/updates.

One of PSIthority's goals is to provide a medium for this environment to maintain these sort of metadata in near-real-time. However, to do so is nearly impossible for any single entity, organization or service to execute effectively. But together as a community (ie via crowdsourcing) this feat is entirely possible and to everyone's benefit.

User Profiles and Discussion Forums will be going offline temporarily.

PSI Development Team | July 1, 2021

The PSIthority platform is bringing new and improved functionality to user profiles, user libraries, as well the discussion forum system. They are not being removed - they are being improved! It turned out to be a difficult proposition to maintain the legacy code with the incremental changes being made. So for the sake of expedience, bear with us! You won't be disappointed!

The ETA for this development sprint is currently mid August, 2021. This release will include the base functionalities and features you're used to but the underlying code modifications will simplify extendability for new functionalities on our end.

New Functionality: Citation Networks Activated!

PSI Development Team | April 1, 2021

Not an April Fool's! Publications now have a Citations Network tab to include publications that are part of the extended citation network of any publication. These citation networks are created by using magic ... or possibly a derivation of the BFS algorithm, think "Friend of a Friend" in the social media world. But let's stick with magic.

It's a simple and convenient way to discover related publications residing in the citation sphere for any given publication. Enjoy!

CrossRef Integration

PSI Development Team | March 12, 2021

The PSIthority platform is integrating the CrossRef metadata dataset behind the scenes. We expect full integration into the platform, availability, and discoverability services to be ready by January 2022.

Bug Fixes

PSI Development Team | February 2, 2021

  • Filter Feature should be working correctly for Periodicals (i.e. Filter by Open Access journals, active, etc.).
  • Categorization Schemas are now functioning correctly for publications.
  • Fixed reported issue with "Add to My Library" for Microsoft Edge users.
  • Optimized query functionality to improve response times.

New Functionality: Retractions, Expressions of Concern and CQC Notices (Non-editorial Comments, Questions, and Concerns)

PSI Development Team | January 10, 2021

The PSI Library home page now includes the Retractions & EoC Notices tab that includes the latest retractions, expressions of concern as well as non-editorial comments being raised by third parties (i.e. PubPeer comments).

Updated daily, it is our hope that this integration will increase visibility of problematic publications within the literature record, reduce post-retraction citations, and bring more eyes to bear on the science.

New Functionality: New Journals in 20XX

PSI Development Team | December 19, 2020

Find the newest journals coming online for the current or past year.

As editors register their journals with us or as we stumble upon them in our internet travels, the latest journals will be automatically included on the PSI Library page under the News tab to assist in improving visibility and gaining traction.

Editors: if your journal is not yet registered with PSIthority, contact us today!