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Problem Domain

The Current Paradigm

The current landscape for the dissemination of scholarly works is a qualitative mixture of disjointed data repository islets fettered by a combination of restrictions hindering your access, use, and discovery. Broken links, paywalls, discontinued serials, retractions, predatory publishers, limited indexes/repositories, etc. have left a divided landscape fraught with pitfalls, opacities and frustrations that waste your time and test your patience. Consequently, because of the time and resources spent to overcome these inefficiencies, critical information remains clouded and visibility low for those the content is intended.

Services & Solutions

You. Connected.

The PSIthority platform is designed to connect you to the sciences matrix: it's formal literature repositories, it's authors, it's readers, it's reviewers, and it's editors. This platform provides an open collaborative environment that connects communities in real time and fosters the free flow of ideas and information.


Increase your visibility. PSIthority raises your awareness, streamlines your workflow and lets the sciences come to you. Customize your feeds by creating automated queries or selecting & following specific topics, keywords, articles, journals, authors, discussions and more!


Explore, Find, Collate, Discover. Making access more convenient, PSIthority's powerful browse and search features enable you to explore a vast index of journals covering health sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Easily stay up to date with the latest developments, analyses and theories in your field of study with queries you can customize, save and execute regularly.

Working Groups

Create, Connect, Contribute. A fundamental unit of the platform is the working group. The platform provides working group members from different instituitions/specialties/geographic locations, a private, secure, online forum through which they can collaborate efficiently in the preparation of an article on a specific topic, in the preparation of an editorial on a new technology, or the preparation of a background article on a topic that requires their combined individual expertise. They can hold pre-publication meetings with all involved in its production (reviewers, editors, co-authors) and make acceptable changes to their product before its release. The working group provides members this kind of functionality and more.

Content Production

Create, Collaborate, Update, Share. As part of the working group templates, PSIthority's Content Production Services enable members to add, create, collaborate, update, share, link, and discuss articles or content related to their respective working group. These may include but are not limited to new and novel research, data sets, case studies, opinion editorials, news, analysis, reviews, foundational science, or general discussion and discourse. It's your working group so it's up to you.

See a prototype working group article in progress here!


Dialog, Discussions & Discourse. Content connected to dialog. What a concept. A concept that has been woefully incomplete, incompetently administered or missing altogether from the current paradigm of scientific dissemination. PSIthority changes this. From working groups to publications, PSithority provides a medium where dialog can occur at anytime in an open forum amongst authors, readers, and reviewers.


Your time is valuable. PSIthority provides near real-time analytics to content by tracking views, downloads, discussions, peer recommendations and citations enabling the community to quickly find and consume high impact, vetted content in their fields of study.


Know what's available to you. Get to know the authors or anyone with whom you are having a discussion. Easily gauge the quality of the content through analytics, discussions and the community. Help expose and combat predatory publishing practices. The PSIthority platform seeks to empower and enable the sciences ecosystem to shed sunlight on content, articles and publications in order to bolster the scientific premise and provide the community a quality, vetted endproduct.

Member Profiles

Create, Update, Share. PSIthority profiles connect you to the community. Your profile is a consistent digital identifier linked to your publications, your working groups, discussions, research activities, workflows and more, thereby facilitating recognition, visibility, accountability and discoverability. Enhance your profile with your professional information including bios & CV and connect or incorporate other external resources, identifiers, profiles or feeds including your website, Twitter, LinkedIn, ORCID iD, Scopus or ResearcherID.

Your Dashboard

One place. Bringing it all together. Your dashboard is the centralized hub to your feeds, working groups, analytics, communications, customizations, controls and profile. This is where your can see and make things happen.