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PSIthority Platform

PSIthority is an online SaaS author-to-reader solutions platform by Paradigm Shift Innovations, LLC offering a series of tiered, ancillary services in the scholarly communications ecosystem.

The system is designed to connect individuals, communities, scholarly content providers and organizations to foster the free flow of ideas in an open collaborative environment.

Taking a bottom up approach, PSIthority addresses the needs of those consuming scholarly content (clinicians, researchers, practictioners, scholars, enthusiasts) and works its way up the content production chain to provide services and solutions maximizing discovery, dissemination and discussion.

Services & Solutions

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PSIthority Library

one platform. all devices.

PSIthority is designed to provide an elegant reading experience as well as intuitive navigational features for publishing entities independent of the device used to connect. By ultilizing today's latest technologies visitors do not require "an app for that".